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Growth Track Blog » Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips is the Founder of Growth Track and former Estate Agent who is an expert on marketing automation, systems and processes to help strategically grow businesses.
Email Marketing Marketing Strategy

Turn emails into business. The proof.

23rd October 2018 — Over the past 4+ years, we have worked with over 3000 agents and are probably best known for taking a standard email signature and turning into advertising Read more...
Marketing Social Media

How to get your Estate Agency’s first 500 followers on social media

11th July 2017 — So, this week, we looked back at our most asked questions (we speak to hundreds of Estate Agents every week) and right at the top is “once we get started on social media, how do we get people following us”? Read more...
Marketing Software

Landing pages are here! – and FREE*

30th May 2017 — So, our big news this week is that we have released our landing page builder! (drum roll please). Before I dive in, for those of you who’ve heard the term but are unsure of what they are and think it’s a tool for geeky marketers, let me explain how they work. Read more...

We won at The Estas – But are Estate Agency competitions worth it?

23rd May 2017 — So, what a week at Growth Track! As well as having a big announcement in next week’s post to share with you (do not forget to bookmark our blog and check back next Tuesday), we went and won "Best in Digital Marketing" at The Estas! Read more...
Marketing Software

Why your emails suck – and don’t help win instructions

2nd May 2017 — So one of the most important stats that you should monitor and we constantly refer to is amount of traffic to your website. Why? Well to recap: If you have 1000 visitors in January and 10,000 in February, of course your chances of winning more instructions and attracting more business goes up massively in the case of the latter. Not everyone understands the value but if I were to say the same but replace traffic with people visiting your office, this becomes more obvious. Read more...
Email Marketing Marketing Social Media

The three things your Estate Agency needs to do to get your blog posts read

18th April 2017 — So, if you’re reading this article and are blogging at least weekly, fantastic stuff and go to the top of the class. Read more...
Marketing Social Media

Why no news is bad news

27th March 2017 — You will have gotten here by either signing up to our newsletter, subscribing to our RSS feed, clicking on a Facebook advert or perhaps by just landing on our website. Well, firstly, thank you and hope that you are getting some value out of our blogs. Read more...
Marketing Social Media Software

Would you spend £49.99 to get 5 new valuations? Of course you would!

28th February 2017 — Well, this must be one of the easiest questions asked. £49.99 for 5 valuations, a no brainier surely? But how? Read more...

Are you bored with your boards? …and do they work?

21st February 2017 — So unless you are in parts of the country where “for sale” boards are banned, almost on every street you will see them present. Read more...

Welcome to the world of Estate Agency marketing

31st January 2017 — We're delighted to be launching what we hope will be a useful resource to give you inspiration and ideas on all things related to the world of Estate Agency marketing. Read more...

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