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Search Engine Optimisation

Social media measurement and reporting is ever evolving. Browse the latest insights, updates and resources on ROI, and learn more about our social media analytics tools.

Search Engine Optimisation

6 Reasons Why Estate Agents Should Use AdWords

20th February 2018 — Should I advertise on Google? It’s a question every estate agent will ask at one point. If you’re a little more experienced with the broad digital marketing mix, you’ll also be asking whether AdWords is the best medium to increase instructions, whether it provides sufficient return on investment compared to other online marketing, and so on. Read more...
Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation, and why is it important for estate agents?

2nd January 2018 — Every estate agent should consider conversion rate optimisation an essential pillar of the digital marketing mix, and a vital part of their digital strategy overall. Read more...
Marketing Search Engine Optimisation

Are Reviews Good for Estate Agent SEO?

10th October 2017 — Great online reviews are something that estate agents love. After all, it’s easy to see how a good review can benefit your business: it gives potential buyers, sellers, landlords, or renters confidence in your services. Read more...
Search Engine Optimisation

Should an Estate Agents Website Target Sellers and Landlords Before Applicants?

25th July 2017 — When it comes to optimising your estate agent website for Google, you will have two main types of target user. One is looking to buy or rent a property; the other is a landlord or someone with property to sell. Read more...
Marketing Search Engine Optimisation

9 steps for Estate Agents to optimise your business listing on Google

21st March 2017 — To ensure your listing in the local search results appears for the right people and provides the best possible experience to them, you should make sure your Google My Business listing is fully optimised. Here are the eight essential steps you need to do that. Read more...

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