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Social media is built upon and powered by engagement. To reach your community in a deeper way, consider the following collection of curated content, and learn more about our social media engagement tools.

Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn For Estate Agents? Yes, Yes, Yes!

14th November 2017 — When LinkedIn first launched in 2002, it was the perfect platform for recruitment agents. People would upload populate their profiles and use this as an online equivalent to their CV’s. If you are looking for a job – you go to LinkedIn. Read more...
Social Media Strategy

How To Best Promote Your Properties On Social Media

12th September 2017 — The first thing I would like to say could be controversial for estate agents but social media is NOT about the properties. Now, I appreciate that this is a contradicting statement with the subject of this blog but social media is about raising the brand awareness of your estate agency with a view of generating leads that turn into instructions. Read more...
Social Media

The Five Things You May Not Know You Can Do On Facebook

22nd August 2017 — You often hear people say that you learn something new every day. This is certainly the case when it comes to social media and for any marketing experts out there who say they don’t, then they are not being honest. Read more...
Social Media Strategy

Should I Use Google Plus For My Business

8th August 2017 — Thanks for joining us again for our latest blog and this week we are looking at whether or not you should be using Google Plus for your business. Read more...
Marketing Social Media

The four “must do” things to promote your Social Media across your website

18th July 2017 — So, after analysing hundreds of estate agent’s websites, most fail miserably in promoting that they are on social media. Read more...
Marketing Social Media

How to get your Estate Agency’s first 500 followers on social media

11th July 2017 — So, this week, we looked back at our most asked questions (we speak to hundreds of Estate Agents every week) and right at the top is “once we get started on social media, how do we get people following us”? Read more...
Marketing Social Media

5 Ways An Estate Agents Can Use Video In Their Social Media Strategy

27th June 2017 — Video marketing is fast becoming an important weapon in your arsenal for maximising your marketing output. Combining this with social media and you should be able to start leveraging your brand and show your competitors how it is really done! Read more...
Social Media

Social Media excuse 101 – I tried and it doesn’t work

16th May 2017 — Social media works, right? Well, not if you are one of thousands of agents who set up an account, posted vigorously on week one, less so on week two and then gave up on week 3 thinking what was all the fuss about, it's a waste of time and received no instructions. Read more...
Social Media

How many times a day do you do it?

25th April 2017 — You could read blog after blog telling you the number of times you should be posting on social media and what are the optimum times to do so. Many social media experts will say that the more you do the better Read more...

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