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Marketing . Search Engine Optimisation

Top SEO Tactics for Tackling the Property Portals

25th September 2018 — Advertising properties on the major portals – Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and so on – may be part of your marketing strategy, or you may prefer buyers and tenants to come directly to your website. Read more...
Marketing . Search Engine Optimisation

Why Your Estate Agency Site Needs More Content

11th September 2018 — Digital marketing is crucial to the success of all estate agents – in today’s digital landscape it is important never to stand still, but to continually take steps to increase your online presence. Read more...
Marketing . Search Engine Optimisation

How to rank better for targeted locations in your SEO strategy

10th July 2018 — The amount of people who search every day on Google is not directly relevant to your business. The people who search for estate agents or letting agents are not terribly relevant either. Read more...
Search Engine Optimisation

What is Mobile-First Indexing and How Will It Affect Estate Agents

8th May 2018 — Keeping track of updates and changes to the way Google works can make your head spin. The truth is, estate agents don’t normally need to follow every twist and turn of Google’s approach to search. Read more...
Social Media . Strategy

Ghost Town Social Media Accounts Are Damaging To Your Estate Agency

20th March 2018 — We have all seen a Facebook page for a business that looks empty and the last post was before the word Brexit was even born haven’t we? Read more...
Search Engine Optimisation

6 Reasons Why Estate Agents Should Use AdWords

20th February 2018 — Should I advertise on Google? It’s a question every estate agent will ask at one point. If you’re a little more experienced with the broad digital marketing mix, you’ll also be asking whether AdWords is the best medium to increase instructions, whether it provides sufficient return on investment compared to other online marketing, and so on. Read more...

Brand Recognition and Why Consistency Is The Key

6th February 2018 — It was only a few years ago that we would be using words like ‘company’ and ‘business’ but in the modern era and with the rise of digital marketing, we are now always referring to your ‘brand’. Read more...
Search Engine Optimisation . Strategy

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation, and why is it important for estate agents?

2nd January 2018 — Every estate agent should consider conversion rate optimisation an essential pillar of the digital marketing mix, and a vital part of their digital strategy overall. Read more...

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