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5 Ways An Estate Agents Can Use Video In Their Social Media Strategy

Avatar by Simon Clark on 27th June 2017

Video marketing is fast becoming an important weapon in your arsenal for maximising your marketing output. Combining this with social media and you should be able to start leveraging your brand and show your competitors how it is really done!

Getting started is the key and when people say ‘you should use video’ the first thing many will think is that you need to do your hair, wear a nice shirt and start practicing your lines. This is not always the case and here we are going to explain how video marketing is important to your estate agency.

Ok, I have a confession. One of the suggestions below does mean that you need to be comfortable talking in front of the camera!

Facebook Live

New to many but this was launched in April 2016 and enables you to ‘go live’ with a video straight from your personal or business page. Of course, in this instance we recommend using the page for your estate agency. When you go live, this is broadcasted straight to your audience on Facebook (those who like your page). This means that you are live streaming but how can you use this to your advantage I hear you ask? One of our clients uses this effectively to promote a new instruction by giving you a guided tour of the property. This is better than a 360 degree tour because it is much more natural and you can use some commentary as well to explain.

During your ‘live’ video, your viewers have the chance to ask questions, like and share etc so this is a great way to raise awareness of your brand and gain more reach.

Property Videos

When you are looking to promote a new instruction or perhaps a property that you have let or sold, it can easy to add a description telling people about what you have done, add a link to the property on the website and then choose the nicest sunniest photo you have. STOP! Did you know that you can use the images of the property to create a nice video as well? When you do this, your video will roll through the images you select (up to 10) and you an even add some music as well. Be careful though because some of the music in the library sounds a little like the elevator music you hear in shopping centres. Also, bear in the mind that 80% of videos are viewed on mute!

Promotional Videos

This normally means that you should employ the services of a professional videographer to come in and spend time with you, go away and produce a wonderful promo video. This can be a very large investment but sometimes out of the date the moment you start promoting. There are other options out there in the market place for you to be able to look at more cost-effective ways. Generally, people are not always interested in watching a 4-minute video about your company. (Seen one, seen them all kind of thought process). The attention span of your viewer is likely to be a lot less than you think so, keep your videos short, to the point and tailored to the service.

Educational Videos

Social media is all about engagements, entertainment and education. This is known as the three e’s in the social media world. If you are comfortable in front of the camera, go for it! People buy from people at the end of the day so this gives you a perfect opportunity to show people who you really are and show how authoritative you are in the industry. This is where making it educational will help. People can check in to see your latest upload of the latest property news, house prices and even an update on how Brexit and/or General Elections have affected the day to day running of your estate agency. Yes, you may need to practice, cut, go again but in the end this is worth it. Of your competitors, who is using this? If they are not then what are your waiting for?

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Video Testimonials

These are great to use to help you show a ‘proof of service’ in your social media strategy. The more natural the video the better. Over the last few years we have carried out a number of training sessions for estate agents and we have some video testimonials from clients too here. Take a moment to watch these and you could ask your clients to do the same

Top Tips

Here are some top tips for you to consider also:

  • Keep your video short, punchy and to the point
  • Engage the audience and keep them interested
  • Speak at their level and don’t use too much jargon
  • Upload each one to your Youtube channel and use keywords to help with search
  • Add subtitles if you can (see note above about viewers watching with no sound)
  • And……. Be yourself (people buy people remember!)

I hope these ideas and top tips have been useful.

If you would like us to expand on any of these points, get in touch with our team or even consider us for a free trial of your social media. Let us show you how it is done effectively to help you win more business and generate more leads.

That’s all from me until the next time.

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