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5 Ways to power your Estate Agency’s email marketing

Daniel Lack by Daniel Lack on 13th June 2017

Sending email newsletters should be one the most important aspects of your marketing strategy.

Why? Well, it is an easy way to broadcast your latest news simultaneously to your database of Vendors, Landlords, Applicants, Tenants and contacts.

As we always say, it not always the best agent that wins out, it’s the one who is best at marketing.

The more times you are visible and in front of people (brand awareness) the more that they will remember you. The more relevant the content that you put in front of them, the more they will consider you as the expert and be likely to use your company – as psychologically, you are building trust and confidence.

One of the biggest holes in an estate agents sales pipeline is not staying in contact with people who have previously transacted with you. Typically, after an agent receives their commission, this may be the last time they speak.

How crazy is that! You have a happy client, a brand ambassador who may wish to sing your praises and then no-way of leveraging this relationship. In fact, according to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends above ALL other forms of advertising.

Here’s some ideas and best practices to consider.

  1. Testimonials

Ask for a testimonial when a client comes in to pick up keys. Photograph them shaking hands or better still ask them if they can give you a testimonial on video. It’s as easy as recording it on your mobile, uploading to YouTube (it’s free to create an account if you haven’t go one) and then you can use this in your email marketing campaigns as proof of your awesome service.


  1. Subject lines

We get asked about this and can’t stress the importance. In order to get someone to open your email, your subject line should not give too much away but enough to tempt them to open it. One thing that’s particularly important is to ensure you avoid certain keywords like FREE to avoid ending up in spam boxes.


  1. Drive traffic back to your website

The obvious advantage for sending emails is to drive them back to your site so that they can see your latest properties, news or offers. In order to successfully execute this, we recommend displaying a snippet of the content with an attractive image and a call to action button I.E “Click here for more info”. If you give too much info in an email, it will probably been either too long or will mean they have read everything and not bother visiting your site.


  1. Grab attention

Want to get noticed? Then you need to hook the reader in. No-one wants a boring, poorly laid out email with lots of irrelevant generic information. So, good things to highlight would be a great photo of a new instruction, a video, an article wrapped around some local sponsorship or even highlighting a local talking point. If you can stand out, you’ll be more easily remembered as a thought leader.


  1. Run competitions

This is a great way to obtain data of more people who live in your area and build your fan base. One way to do this is to partner with a local business (we would suggest choosing one with a huge following on social media) I.E a restaurant, and running a competition for a free meal. You can then push this across social media (and to their followers) and on an email. If someone clicks on the email, send them to a landing page (a dedicated web page) to fill in their details to enter (always ensure that you opt them in to future emails) and have T’s and C’s ensuring that only people in your postcode are eligible apply. This will mean that you can them enter them on your EA software so you know who lives where, and stay in in touch with them, building an online relationship that you can nurture into future business.


We hope that this has given you some inspiration and whilst there are many email marketing systems that exist, we have created our Growth News email marketing service to enable you easily do all the above from inserting links to YouTube videos in your emails to quickly creating landing pages and in one awesome package backed by support from our team of experts.

Click here to book your free demo or call us if you would like to know more.

Happy emailing!

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