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How To Best Promote Your Properties On Social Media

Avatar by Simon Clark on 12th September 2017

The first thing I would like to say could be controversial for estate agents but social media is NOT about the properties. Now, I appreciate that this is a contradicting statement with the subject of this blog but social media is about raising the brand awareness of your estate agency with a view of generating leads that turn into instructions. However, there is still some benefits to prompting your properties on the various social media channels.

In this blog, we will be looking at how you can promote your instructions on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. We will also be identifying the benefits of doing this and how this can have an impact on your business from day one.

Take Your Time!

It is an easy mistake to make to rush and post out your latest listing. The valuer comes back into the office and says, “Get this on social media now!”. This is when you need to start planning your strategy. This may sound a little bit too heavy on the ‘marketing speak’ but let’s go back to the old school method of looking at features and benefits of property. I remember when I first started out as an estate agent in 1999 and my mentor at the time, Alan Bennett, used to talk to me about F&B. The garden is 100ft long (feature) so this is perfect for anyone with a family and pets as they will have lots of space outside (benefit). So, use this in your post. Sometimes you do have to state the obvious to get your property seen. Here is how you could write this post:

“If you are looking for a family home with large outside space then this property is perfect for you! Offering four bedrooms, lounge, kitchen/family room and a 100ft garden to the rear”

Ask yourself these questions before your post:

  • What is the key selling point of this property?
  • What is the best photo to use?
  • How can we make this sound interesting and attract engagements?

Taking those extra few minutes to plan your post will make all the difference.

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Are You Uploading A Photo or Several Photos?

The house you have just listed is a stunning four-bedroom detached house with a driveway, garage and a well tendered front garden. Perfect for Facebook. But what about the lovely refitted kitchen, the double aspect sitting room or even the loft conversion that is perfect as a guest room?

Do not just use the front photo because social media is about engagements and getting people attracted to your post. My advice is to use multiple images when posting a property on the likes of Facebook or Twitter. Give people what they want to see.

There is a sound argument about just uploading one and encouraging to ‘click to see more’ but some people do not want to do that because it may take them away from their beloved social media channel.

On Facebook, for example, you can upload up to 10 photos and create a slideshow/video which is a great way to grab people’s attention. Everyone loves to watch videos on Facebook don’t they? You can also create a canvas, carousel and photo album too but I personally like the videos. They appear to get more engagements.

Don’t Give It All Away

It is one of the most common mistakes to put the full property description on your social media post. Adding 1000 words to a post doesn’t mean that everyone will read it in its entirety. I know that when I am browsing my news feeds, I don’t spend that much time reading long paragraphs of text. I personally like short, sharp and punchy posts that get to the point. The old adage of someone making their mind up about a property in 10 seconds is often true and on social media, first impressions count even more so. I believe it is likely to be half that time!

I would recommend adding the location, price, a couple of key features and some wording to help create an engagement. You could try “Could you imagine yourself living here?” or “Tag your friend who would love to buy this house”. These questions are geared up to get people commenting on your post and as we have already identified in previous blogs that the more comments, likes and shares will help raise your ‘reach’ levels so more people will see it.

Lister’s Can Use Social Media In Their Marketing Pitch

If I was still an estate agent, I would be talking to potential clients, on a valuation, about the importance of social media when marketing a property. The chances are that your clients are going to be using social media so maybe you could talk about using their property as a featured property of the week or maybe even that you will invest in some Facebook adverts to help promote (see next paragraph for more on this!). Get them to share their own property as their friends and friends friends are likely to be local too!

If you are building your local audience on social media then their buyer could come from seeing their dream home on Facebook or Twitter. I know that with the property portals there is a strong chance your lead will come from there but if you are actively marketing your Facebook page then you are using everything at your disposal.

Facebook Adverts – The Way Forward

Did you know that you can promote a property on Facebook with a targeted advert to a specific age range in specific postcodes? This is not new and has been around for a little while now but it can be extremely effective. You could talk to your vendor/landlord about reaching thousands of people in the area you cover from as little as £20 over the course of a few days.

I could write another 1000 words on this topic because it is not always as straight forward as some people think. Each pound you spend on Facebook promoting properties needs to be well spent and have an objective. If you would like some advice, get in touch or take our performance review and we can discuss in more detail.

How Many Properties Should I Upload?

This depends on how many properties you are listing. It is great to show that you are actively taking on new instructions (proof of service) but do not flood your social media with properties because you need to have a clever mix of content (local news, industry news, posts about your estate agency). Some agency software allow you to auto-post your new instructions to social media but this can look very unprofessional and goes against everything that I have said above.

Don’t just pick the good-looking properties or the most expensive ones because that may not correctly reflect your market. You need a cross reference of price, size and location. You have the portals and your website to show off your stock!

So, that’s all for now but I hope you have taken some of these points into consideration. Working with 150+ estate agents on a daily basis means that our advice has been tried and tested. Don’t post every property the same way. Mix things up. Try new things. Be creative…..

Until the next time…

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