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Brand Recognition and Why Consistency Is The Key

Avatar by Simon Clark on 6th February 2018

It was only a few years ago that we would be using words like ‘company’ and ‘business’ but in the modern era and with the rise of digital marketing, we are now always referring to your ‘brand’.

For an estate agent, your branding is (or should be) everywhere! From the for sale boards to the livery on the side of your cars. Why? Because you need to get your name out there to as many people as possible.

That was one of those obvious statement moments wasn’t it? But let’s now apply this to your digital marketing strategy.

Your Website

I can picture it now. Your company logo to the left so it’s the first thing people see when they land on your page, bearing in mind that a large proportion of people read left to right. Your contact details in the top right-hand corner and then at every opportunity you will have your logo placed on strategic pages of the website.

Whilst you have visitors to your website, it is important to keep your branding in front of them always.

Your Social Media

One of the biggest mistakes, in my opinion, that I see on a regular basis is when estate agents have a photo of their office as their profile photo. Don’t all offices look the same? Pretty much yes!

So how does that make your estate agency brand stand out from the others? It doesn’t! The quick fix is to replace this image with your company branding. People will remember your brand based on the icon on the logo and/or the colours that you chose on day one of the business planning process.

Every time you post out on your social media accounts, your logo will be visible. So, with our clients, we post 2-3 times per day. That’s over 1000 times your branding is being potentially placed in front of potential vendors and landlords. That’s a lot of potential!

Throughout your social media strategy, (if you have one in place – don’t panic if you don’t), your company logo should be used often too.

More exposure = more brand awareness.

But if you have a nice shiny new office, don’t be afraid to use that on posts too!

Your Email Signatures

We have all seen the red crosses on emails, haven’t we? This usually derives from your company logo which has been placed just under the ‘kind regards’ and above the disclaimer that you may have copied from someone else.

How about a branded banner above the ‘Hello’ part of every email so this becomes the first thing people see when they open it? Bearing in mind the average negotiator (not based on ability in case you were wondering!) sends 20,000 emails per year, that is a lot of great opportunities to get your brand out there to help generate more instructions. After all, instructions are what keep the doors open aren’t they?!

Your Email Marketing

If you are sending emails to your client base on a regular basis, I must applaud you. That is by no way meant to sound condescending in any shape or form, but this means that you are marketing your estate agency in the right way through email marketing.

Your emails will no doubt be branded with the logo to the left and then your contact details on the right. We’ve been here before haven’t we with your website layout.

Welcome to consistent branding!

The content of your emails should also be on point. (That’s another buzz word that I thought we had left in 2017 but evidentially not sorry!) Content is key and the right content and articles you choose will help you to win more instructions over your competitors. That’s the plan anyway!

Just to recap if I may….

Your brand is what people will remember. If you are still advertising in the local newspapers and magazines make sure this is consistent with your digital strategy.

For those of you who are in the throws of or have recently undergone a re-branding exercise take the time to look over ALL of your marketing avenues to ensure that the same consistency is applied.

It is very easy to forget. You’re busy I understand but if you are unable to market your own brand consistently then your clients may start to wonder if you can do it with their instruction.

I will leave you on a more positive note…..

Help is at hand. As a team of ex estate agents, we recognise the importance of brand awareness and as we work with over 3000 estate and letting agents in the UK, we apply the same practices across the board with the advice and consultation we offer regarding brand awareness.

So, if you would like to chat through some ideas or even for us to review your brand consistency for your estate agency – get in touch!

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