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Why Your Estate Agency Site Needs More Content

Avatar by Laurence Knopf on 11th September 2018

Digital marketing is crucial to the success of all estate agents – in today’s digital landscape it is important never to stand still, but to continually take steps to increase your online presence. Adding relevant, quality content to your site on a continuous and regular basis will help you in more ways than one. Here’s why.

Engaging Visitors Throughout the Buying/Selling Journey

We’ll go into the SEO reasons in a moment, but it is also important to understand the knock-on benefits of getting people to engage with the copy on your website.

First you will attract new buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, thereby increasing your chances of gaining new instructions, which, of course, is always going to be at least one of your main objectives.

In addition, you will:

• Build your brand profile with people through each stage of the buying/selling journey
• Establish trust and authority

The above is important as most people don’t make fast decisions to either buy or sell a property, but when they are going through that process, you want your estate agency and your properties to be at the front of their mind.

Engaging with buyers and sellers throughout their journey with high-quality, valuable, and informative content will help you achieve this.

The SEO Reasons for Adding Content to Your Estate Agency Website

Google decides on the ranking of websites on its search results pages by analysing the content it finds on those pages.

By adding content that is high quality, highly targeted, and relevant to your target market and ideal users, you’ll increase your chances of ranking in a higher position as well as ranking for a broader range of keywords. With the right keyword strategy, content can also help you ensure you target the right keywords.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Helps You Target Crucial Keywords

A good starting point when adding content to your website is to get a list of the most important keywords to your business. For most estate agents, this means location-based keywords. You can then create content that targets those keywords.

Targets Long-Tail Keywords

Most main keyword target lists contain 20-30 of the most high-value keywords to your business. Many of those keywords will be two to three words long and have an obvious attraction as a keyword, such as “estate agents in Edgware”. But there are many other keywords that could potentially bring traffic to your website, such as what’s known as long-tail keywords – keywords that don’t get a lot of search traffic, but the traffic they do get is highly targeted. Adding fresh new content allows you to target long-tail keywords.

Good Quality Content Earns Backlinks

Backlinks are essential to SEO – the more backlinks you have to your website from authoritative sources, the better. People only link to good quality, valuable, and informative content, however. You need to create this content to get the links.

Good Content Gets Shared on Social Media

Good content you create for your website will also get shared on social media. This may bring traffic to your website directly, plus most SEO experts believe Google takes social media sharing and engagement levels into account when determining the ranking of websites on search results pages.

Google Likes Fresh, Up-to-Date Content

Finally, people searching on Google like to click on fresh, new links. That’s why you see search results that tell you when the page was updated or published. If Google’s users like something, Google likes it too.

In short

Creating regular content will help you increase your digital influence, engage your users and may even help to win you more instructions.

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