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Does your Estate Agency make these 3 mistakes on Social Media?

Avatar by Simon Clark on 7th February 2017

Estate agents make mistakes. I made them during my tenure sitting behind the desk selling property in the early 2000’s. Forgetting keys to a viewing, giving the wrong feedback to a vendor when they actually did like the property and even wearing an awful tie on my first day in the office and instantly getting ridiculed for it. I came through the other side and now I am still working in the industry but helping estate agents promote their brand through the power of social media. I say ‘power’ because social media is effective when you do things right from the start.

So, here are three mistakes estate agents make when it comes to social media and each day I spot something new but I will save them for a later date.

You’re either in or you’re out

More and more estate agent websites will have buttons that link you to their preferred social media channels. These are normally positioned in full view of the user in the top right hand corner but when you choose to click on them you are often faced with either the home screen of Facebook or Twitter or an account that has not been updated for several months or even years.

The former is likely caused by the web developer who thinks that these social buttons should be there or maybe the agent has said ‘we’ll get on to that later’. The latter is likely to be because its great to show your potential landlords and vendors that you have these accounts. If they are inactive then what message does that really give? Are you going to forget to market their property perhaps? So, the question is; are you in or out when it comes to social media?

Property, Property, Property

There is more to an estate agent than just promoting properties all day every day. Your news feed is cluttered with the latest instructions and you may even have an automated feed from your management software that does this for you. Great! (Bold statement alert!!) But people are not really interested in just seeing property on social media. They are liking your page to receive updates from you about the property market. They have the property portals to hand if they want to see properties in one long list. Potential landlords and vendors will want to read local news articles, local community updates, local events, good news stories from your local town and also industry news that will help them (I think you know where I am going with this).

Please note that I have used the word ‘local’ because this is important if you have a geographical patch you work in. They will see that the local community is important to you and that you will give their local property all due care and attention when it comes to marketing and selling it for them.

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Getting Involved When You Shouldn’t

Everyone has an opinion about everything and anything and that what makes this world so interesting every day. Then you add social media to the mix and often people will use this to get their voice heard. Sitting on a train and its delayed. You are staring at the lovely countryside that normally whizzes past you and the person to your right is tweeting the rail company to say that they are unhappy with the service.

People are the same with estate agents and I know because I have had people sitting in front of me at the front desk shouting the odds with all their emotion directed towards me but is how you deal with the complaint or comment that will make you stand out from the rest. If they have a valid point to make, then put your hands up to it. Take one on the chin and accept that you and your colleagues are only human beings after all. Credibility could be restored quite quickly. However, the best advice to anyone is to take it offline and discuss this with them personally. The more comments and replies that go back and forth (otherwise known as an argument) the more ‘reach’ this will get and more will see your company name not perhaps in its best light. There are also some steps you can take to avoid posts becoming visible or even reviews being placed on Facebook.

There are 101 mistakes that we see day in day out and we accept that estate agents are not always marketers or even social media experts but with a little bit help from a team of ex estate agents who specialise in social media could make all the difference. You never know!

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