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It’s time to put Email Marketing back on the agenda for 2018

Avatar by Simon Clark on 23rd January 2018

Welcome back to our blog and this week I wanted to touch on email marketing and how you can use this within your agency’s marketing strategy to win more business.

With a new year upon us this often brings many resolutions and nine times out of ten, these resolutions are broken quickly and then shelved for another 52 weeks until the idea pops back into your head again.

The question I have for you is simple; Is email marketing one of those new year resolutions for your estate agency?

My Uncle Albert Moment

I used to be an estate agent and I am proud to say that during this time, we saw lots of technological advances. These included the use of fax machines, Rightmove being born and then came sending people emails and attaching saved documents of sales particulars instead of hand writing envelopes and licking stamps. This was how it was done in the early 2000’s. Nowadays, the modern-day estate agent has it a little easier when it comes to technology. We all know that the market is tough but with a clear digital marketing strategy in mind, you can leverage this to start winning you more business.

So, I decided that I would write a blog talking about email marketing and offering you a very good reason to bring this back to the table when you are looking at your marketing strategy for 2018.

Here are some top tips to get you in the mood:

Audience Targeting

The explanation is in the title but how do you do it and why? If you are an estate agent who offers both sales and lettings, you know that within your database of people who have subscribed to receive your communications, most will be potential vendors, landlords, tenants or applicants.

A first-time buyer is not likely to be interested in an email talking about your latest fee promotions. They may, however, be interested to learn more about the process of buying a property, perhaps the conveyancing process explained to them and or events taking place in your local area. This is where you need to be clever in your approach. Be educational wherever possible.

A potential landlord (or an investment buyer) may be interested to find out about rental yields in a local area or maybe a guide to buying a property as an investment.

By targeting your audience, you are likely to see better results, which should lead to enquiries thus potential revenue. Make sense?

How’s Your Subject Line Looking?

Short, sharp and to the point. Oh, and don’t forget that it needs to be engaging and catchy to make people open the email. There is a lot to remember here and some industry experts could write 1000 words about ‘the perfect subject line’ but I will talk about making your subject line curious with a touch of urgency but also making it personalised too!

For example; Rental yields in your area and what you need to know

For an investment buyer on your mailing list (called James obviously) this subject line creates some curiosity, some urgency and it shows relevance. Not forgetting that it has also been personalised too!

Over half of your recipients are likely to use your subject line as a decision factor as to whether opening your email is of value to them. So you need to spend some time choosing the perfect words to use.

Calls To Actions

So you are not using email marketing because you you are too busy. Well, I sincerely hope not because your strategy should be based on helping to grow your brand and win more business. Whether that be through generating valuations or maybe even generating property leads. In my opinion, you need to be selling within your email but not to the point where it is blatantly obvious.

If you are trying to encourage someone to book a valuation, simply asking for it is not always going to work. Give people a reason to use you to find out the value of their property. Talk about a case study, a recent success story or even discuss the local property market.

Once you have shown them your value, you can give them theirs!

Nine times out of ten, you will receive emails with hyperlinks that will direct you to certain sections of a website – this is driving traffic to your site which will hopefully have the power and capabilities to convert traffic into leads.

Having clear imagery (or banners) will also help when it comes to driving traffic, but most importantly, a clear call to action for example: Click here to learn more and so on…

Give People Something to Look At Each Time

People do not want to always just read 1000 words of text. (I really hope you are reading this part of the blog!!). Images and videos will help break up an email into bite sized pieces. The attention span of your subscriber list may only be a few minutes at best so use images to make your email an easier read.

The use of videos is becoming more and more popular. I often say to clients that ‘people’ would rather watch a video of a dog on a skateboard rather than read about it. This doesn’t mean you need to get home and video your dog with your child’s skateboard, but it does mean that when you are next using promotional videos, why not use them in your email marketing strategy?

Imagery can also help show relevance to the copy. These images can also be used to help sell your services too.

Have A Plan Each Time

What are you looking to include in your emails?

My recommendation would be to start planning the next 2-3 emails ahead of you. If you have an event coming up, schedule it to be sent 2-3 weeks before hand and then add it again as a reminder to your subscribers. Your email marketing calendar (or diary) is simple to create, easy to manage and this will be your guide to work from each time.

The type of content you could use would be a local news story, a featured property, a case study, an interview with a member of the team, a recent blog you have written, some words from your mortgage advisor or conveyancer you refer business too. The list is endless, but the most important element is that you are doing it.

You Are Ready!

So, with the perfect subject line, some imagery and discreet call to actions you are well on your way to becoming the number one Estate Agent in email marketing.

Now you just need to manage your own expectations because if you are expecting to be inundated with valuation leads then this is not likely to happen. It takes time. People need to feel that they know you and your brand a little better before jumping feet first into your sole agency agreement.

It is often said that it takes 4-5 times of someone seeing your brand before they recognise it, feel comfortable with it and enquire about a product or service you may be offering.

Be patient and soon you will start to reap the benefits. Those benefits that your competitors are not getting!

If you need help with email marketing for your Estate Agency, talk to us. We have the experience to help you and we even have a perfect platform for you to work with to help turn your emails into a lead generation magnet.

Thanks for reading my latest blog and good luck for 2018.

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