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The four “must do” things to promote your Social Media across your website

Avatar by Simon Clark on 18th July 2017

So, after analysing hundreds of estate agent’s websites, most fail miserably in promoting that they are on social media.

Why is this important? Well, like it or not, most of the people you deal with every day are likely to use it – and every day! As your website is the online hub for your business, making sure you promote your social media channels is key to raising more awareness and ultimately potentially winning more instructions. This can also make you look modern and shows that you are embracing the wonderful world of social media to help promote your estate agency.

So, how can you do this and make it work?


As most people view websites from left to right looking at the company logo and then your contact details, placing icons at the top of your site in the navigation bar is the preferred choice. Depending how your site is structured, it may not always be the best place, but where they should be is where they will stand out and be clear.

Additionally, make sure they are clickable and work! The number of times we tested sites and clicked on a link that took us to the wrong social media page or even nowhere, was quite astounding!

Top Tip: Some agents will just go with the flow and take the advice from their web designers to put the icons where they fit or look nice. This kind of defeats the object as you need them to stand out!


It is always recommended to have a news feed of your posts from your social media accounts on the homepage. This normally fits better in the footer of the site where you could have your Twitter displaying the latest tweets. This will show your visitors that you are posting on a regular basis and some of the posts may even attract them to click to view more. This can show you as an authoritative source of news and information about the industry.

Top Tip: If you are displaying a feed, make sure it is up to date because if you are unable to update your social media, how much attention would you give to a property you have just been instructed on?

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Follow and share buttons

You do not want people to just click on the icon and view your social media channels. You want them to engage and follow you so if you don’t ask, you don’t get! “Follow us here on Twitter to get the latest property news” or “Like our Facebook page to get the latest instructions on your timeline” – these are just two ways of encouraging people to follow you.

Also, one area massively forgotten as pointed out in last weeks post, is placing a share button on each property page. Think how many people can’t chat in offices but may want to share a property with a partner.

Make sure however, that once you have a new follower, you are giving them what you said you would.

Top Tip: If you are struggling to find the time to keep your social media accounts up to date, let us help you as our team of account managers work with hundreds of estate agents in the UK doing just that! 

Pop Ups

On no! I’ve mentioned the dreaded pop up word as sometimes people can get annoyed when they land on a website and a box appears on their screen. However, this can be done tastefully and it doesn’t have to be a large box that appears.

You could follow the same principle with the wording used in the Follow Buttons section above and give people a real reason to follow you. Instead of just asking them to ‘Like Your Page’, tell them why they should do it and what the benefits will be.

Top Tip: In this instance, my advice would be to be less salesy and more human like. Relate to people on their level and put yourself in their shoes and say to yourself; “Am I offering them something of value here?”

Hopefully you will have read these 4 suggestions and taken on board the top tips we have included. Just remember that if you are using social media as a part of your marketing strategy, shout about it from the roof tops online too.

A very large percentage of your website visitors will be using social media of some sort so show them that you are using it also to help grow your business.

If you need some advice on this, talk to our social media team today and we can even help you with a 14 day, no obligation, free trial to show you how best to leverage social media for your estate agency.

Until the next time…


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