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Ghost Town Social Media Accounts Are Damaging To Your Estate Agency

Avatar by Simon Clark on 20th March 2018

We have all seen a Facebook page for a business that looks empty and the last post was before the word Brexit was even born haven’t we?

But how damaging can this be to a brand? That is what this week’s blog is all about.

Social media is about providing and sharing interesting content that helps people engage with your brand. In our last blog, I touched on the words company and business being replaced by the word brand and when people land on your social media accounts, they should instantly be able to recognise your branding.

What Do I Mean By ‘Ghost Town’?

The dictionary definition talks about an abandoned village or area which contains substantial visible remains. We have seen a western film surely of when a cowboy rides through a deserted town on his horse and there is nothing happening.

Now liken this to a published Facebook page with no posts!

How Damaging Can It Be?

As an ex estate agent myself, I remember once where a colleague of mine (remaining nameless of course!) forgot to place an advert for a new instruction. This of course upset our new client who commented that as well as us not marketing his property, as a result, we were not marketing our business.

Nowadays, I liken this is to a potential vendor or landlord who is checking out your social media and they are probably thinking the same.

At this point you may be nodding along and saying that is a fair point or maybe you are thinking that this is a little farfetched. You would be surprised as to many people will find your social media accounts and spend some time looking at what you have to say.

Website Traffic

Let’s just say that you have one of these Ghost Town social media accounts. The chances are you are advertising this on your website with links from the homepage. How much traffic does your website receive each month and how many of those visiting will ‘check you out on social media’?

Even if it is just one person then that is too many. So, you have two choices.

  1. Remove the links from your website to your social media accounts
  2. Start actively marketing your accounts to promote various aspects of your business.

The choice is yours but I appreciate that there are always factors that do not enable this to be a quick decision.

Time, Interest and Expertise Are The Issues

Time and money are known to be the two things business owners are always looking for. The ‘money’ will help to support and grow your business and the ‘time’ is what you need more of to get everything checked off your marketing list. It is at this point to note that you shouldn’t ever complete your marketing list because it’s a list that should be forever evolving as your business grows.

The other key point with Ghost Town accounts to note is having posts that date back to when Facebook first began means that social media is not of interest to you or your estate agency. You need to have an interest in this to really be effective on social media.

Social media is not a fad. It is here to stay and should play a very important role in your day to day marketing activities.

Having the skills sets and expertise to undertake these social media tasks is also important. I understand that as an estate agent, your skills are homed in on delivering high quality customer service and to be honest, can sell and let property.

Our team of social media experts are highly trained in the industry and specialise in estate agency marketing. This means that we have the time and the expertise to help you grow your brand.

What Made Me Think Of This Blog Post?

It is a simple one really. We recently had an enquiry from a new estate agency client that was interested in our email signatures and social media products. Before any call, I always carry out some ‘pre call prep’. This enables me to take a look at the marketing activities that are immediately visible to me. On this occasion, I noticed the links on the homepage to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Youtube AND LinkedIn. Only the Facebook and Twitter links worked and when I was directed to the accounts, one of them had a tweet saying ‘Just setting up my Twitter’ (dated June 2016) and the other saw the last post to be the latest profile photo uploaded to the Facebook page (also dated June 2016).

This immediately brought into question all of the above and I even said to the client that they have two options to consider (like above). I am delighted to say that they decided to take us up on the offer of a free social media trial and are now a client who is seeing a different light to social media.

Oh and by the way, they have also removed the other logos on the site to the social media channels that didn’t exist!

That’s all from me and if you are looking to turn your Ghost Town accounts into thriving active social media accounts that can help you win more instructions, take our free 14 day trial and get started today!

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