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How many times a day do you do it?

Avatar by Simon Clark on 25th April 2017

You could read blog after blog telling you the number of times you should be posting on social media and what are the optimum times to do so. Many social media experts will say that the more you do the better and yet some will say that you only need to do it a few times each week.

You then have the argument about quality over quantity. Do you list 10 houses that are overpriced and will sit on your books for several months or do you list 3-4 quality instructions that you can actually generate revenue from? I’ve gone slightly off topic here but maybe not because if you message is clear and interesting to the fan or follower then this will give you more credibility.

We now need to break this down into each social media channel to be clear on the how they work but for now we will just use Twitter and Facebook as examples:


This is instant news. Up to the minute updates and you will often see the major news broadcasters fighting to see who can realise ‘breaking news’ first online in a Tweet. The average Twitter user will be following around 250 accounts so this means that if you or your company is one of these then you have a good chance of having one of your tweets being noticed. This also depends on the number of times other accounts also post and how many retweets you get as well which will help you increase your reach potential. (Hope you are still with me but there are some formulas to work with to be more accurate) Let me make this really simple. Posting 3-4 times per day is optimum and this should be interesting a relevant content that people will like to read.



Ok, this is where things get a little trickier because Facebook has a unique algorithm in place which determines how often your posts get seen by those who like your page. You may have 200 likes on your page but Facebook will tell you, for example, that only 58 people have seen it. This can be disheartening especially if you have spent a while thinking of what to post and expecting everyone to like it. It is at this point where you will see how this social media channel is monetised. Facebook is free to use but if you want more people to see your posts you need to invest in some Facebook advertising. It is at this point where many of you lower yourself in your seat because you think this is too confusing and complicated when it isn’t. Growing your page likes organically is possible and by using certain techniques you can still have some great success with your account. So, how many times do you post to your Facebook page? 3-4 times is our advice.

If you are posting once a day to your accounts, then you should applaud yourselves because at least you are doing something. Some of your competitors are most probably too frightened to embrace this approach to marketing. Now you just need to look at the resource you have in house to manage this or maybe look at delegating members of the team to contribute but do you want your team members sitting on Facebook during the day being distracted by videos of dogs on skateboards when you have properties to sell and vendors to keep happy?

When I have a problem with my boiler, of course, I don’t call in a carpenter to fix the problem. So, if you’re a little stuck or want to get started with a free trial, just hit the word “social” in the navigation at the top, fill out the form and we would be delighted to help!

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