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How to get your Estate Agency’s first 500 followers on social media

Avatar by Stephen Phillips on 11th July 2017

So, this week, we looked back at our most asked questions (we speak to hundreds of Estate Agents every week) and right at the top is “once we get started on social media, how do we get people following us”?

I think this is as simple as people are so keen to get started, create their accounts and brand them, they forget to put a strategy in place. To make a comparison, many agents think that if they build a new wiz bang website with knobs on, it will bring tons of new business and then realise once launched, they forgot to plan how they were going to market it and only receive little traffic.

It’s of course similar, so we wanted to compile a quick list so that you can get started now and take immediate action to help gain your first 500 followers on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Your Bio

The first thing to look at across your channels is your bio. Make sure it is filled out completely and select one or two keywords (for instance #yourarea) and ensure that you add your URL and location.

Adding your location is an excellent way to get found via search and geographic tools.

Then upload a relevant picture as your cover photo but be sure to see what it looks like from a mobile device. Once this all looks good, post out 5-10 interesting articles and pin the best one to the top so it is seen first by every person who visits your pages.


  1. Invite

The second step is of course to let people know that you have social accounts up and running. From your page, you can select to invite friends. It might be best to select a handful of friends you think would be most interested rather than blasting the invitation to all.

You also have a large database of applicants, clients etc. so why not send them an email, advising them of your social pages being live and you can even tempt them into following you by informing them that you often post the latest properties together with information about the local area.

If you have newsletter software like Growth News, then make an announcement when sending your next one out.

Best of all, once you have 25 fans, you can then claim a vanity URL for your page (e.g.,, which will look more professional.

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  1. Buttons

Place follow buttons strategically on your website.

Most put buttons at the top but it’s not always the best place. Think about the user journey meaning that if your intention is to get most people to search for a property, place them on every property page so they are more likely to notice them and be found.

You can additionally, put sharing buttons on your properties making it easy for the user to share with partners or friends.


  1. Follow people

Hop onto Twitter and find local businesses in your area who are on Twitter.

Many users on Twitter will follow back those who follow them and is a great strategy when starting out. One word of warning, if you follow more than 100 per day,  you risk Twitter banning your page.

Also, we would advise that you try and balance out your follower/following ratio. If you are following 2000 and only 10 are following you back, you won’t look very popular!


  1. Advertising

The Facebook algorithm means it is now harder to get people to organically follow you as of course, it wants you to spend money on advertising.

(We haven’t mentioned Twitter as we have tested Twitter ads but found they don’t convert nearly as well as Facebook).

One way to get more people is to go to the advertising tab (and after you enter your credit card details) one of the ad options is to get people to like your page. This works incredibly well and if you can build a loyal army of followers in your area, seeing your content daily, then without doubt, this will help with brand perception and them seeing you as the experts, leading to more valuations.


So now over to you!

I hope that these simple ways to get followers will motivate you to get started.

Need any help? Feel free to reach out to our awesome team who will always be happy to chat and help.

Have a great day!

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