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Should I Use Google Plus For My Business

Avatar by Simon Clark on 8th August 2017

Thanks for joining us again for our latest blog and this week we are looking at whether or not you should be using Google Plus for your business. For those of you who do not know what I am referring to then Google+ is a social media network similar to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Getting To Know Google +

Google + originally launched in 2011 and was tested by invitation to a select few. Its concept was to not use the typical features that other social platforms were using and for people to be able to create networking circles. This is why it was originally known as Google Circles by many in the industry.

With Google being one of the powerhouses of the Internet world, one would naturally assume that this would be at the top of the list for businesses to use. I’m afraid it isn’t and hasn’t been since its inception. So much so that Google even tried to buy Facebook and Twitter but their efforts were thwarted.

Google Plus vs Google Places

When I am speaking to clients, many will say that they have a Google plus account and that they would like us to update this. This is where I like to dig a little deeper because there is a difference between the Places and Plus accounts. Google Places is the account that you have that is linked to Google Maps. So, when people are searching online they are returned with map options and a pin that highlights where your business is located. (which is your business place). Your G+ page is different.

Optimising your places account is something that you can do yourself by making sure you have reviews, images and contact information on your account. The more you have and the closer to you to the ‘Centroid’ tends to help you be found when people are searching through Google. However, things change all the time so don’t hold me to this. Your best bet is to consult an Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company who can steer you in the right direction.

Does Having Google+ Benefit SEO?

There has been no conclusive evidence that having a Google + account will help your search engine rankings. (Remember that we are referring to Google Plus not Google Places).

This is a question that I recently asked an associate of mine who works in SEO and he agreed. I always joke and say that if it did, then G+ would become the most popular social platform for people to use if they have a Google account. Here lies the main problem….

Google wanted to try to ensure that it kept its loyal users to use G+ to network but those who do not use Google for one of its products would not really have a place to play or network. There was a time when you would search for keywords and it would bring up a Google + account but it appears those days are gone.

We Don’t Use Google Plus

This kind of says it all really. As a social media company, you would have thought that if this would have a massive impact in helping us to increase our client base then we would have a page and it would be updated regularly. In fact, we are actually telling our clients that there is no benefit  marketing a G+ page now so we don’t offer this as a part of our service.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the front runners in the social media world and the likelihood is that they always will be. Many people say that Instagram is a front runner too but those who say that don’t realise that it is owned by Facebook. I think it won’t be long until something else starts to rival the ‘big boys’ but this may be some time away. If they do, then this simply becomes the monopoly board of social networks.

Sorry if I lost any of you earlier in the blog but hopefully I have got my point across on this and you respect an honest opinion from someone that is hands on in the social media world.

If you would like any advice over which platforms you should consider using, then I am happy to spend some time with you. Get in touch here online or perhaps even book a performance review with our team.

Until the next time..

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