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Instagram? Use it or lose it for Estate Agents?

Avatar by Simon Clark on 28th November 2017

Welcome back to my latest blog here at Growth Track and this week, I am focusing on Instagram and if this should be added to the arsenal for estate agents in their marketing strategies or not.

I am the first to admit that I like Instagram however I am not the biggest fan of social media in general on a personal level. This may be because I live and breathe the likes the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then you throw Instagram in the mix and you have more options to use when you are marketing your estate agency.

It is at this point I must say that whilst I am not a regular social media user, I certainly value the importance of social media for business and especially for estate agents.

It’s All About Your Brand

Your brand is your business and it is important to reach as many people as possible. Digital marketing for estate agents is our business and social media has an important part to play for our clients.

When I was in estate agency, the company I used to work for advertised in the local newspaper. Often, we would have a double page spread and then occasionally we would have a third or even fourth page. Why? It wasn’t that we had more properties for sale than anyone else I can assure you but it was more about ‘perception’. Potential Vendors would see that we would have more pages so this must mean we were the leading agent in the town. Each of those pages were branded up with the company logo and the colours would act as a beacon to draw people to your page.

Social media for estate agents is no different. The more you use it, the more reach you can achieve, thus hopefully achieving more brand awareness.

So, Should Estate Agents Use Instagram?

I cannot sit on the fence with this one so I am going to say…… not just yet!

Here are two stats to consider:

  • 60% of Instagram users in the UK are aged below 30 years of age.
  • The average age of a first-time seller or landlord in 32 years of age.

This means, the target demographic are not quite there yet so therefore I would advise not focusing too heavy in using Instagram as a part of your social media strategy. You may feel that your first-time tenant or buyers are within this demographic being under the age of 30 years of age but if you are looking to gain more vendors and landlords then maybe this platform is not suitable.

It is at this point I must say that I can see the average age of Instagram users is increasing and in a few years’ time this could be perfect for estate agents but why spread your marketing attention thinly when you can focus on the platforms that are working.

I Know That Instagram Is Trendy

Everywhere you go, you see the celebs are using Instagram to promote themselves and some of the big brands in the UK are using this platform to help reach a wider audience but you have to deal with the low hanging fruit first.

Instagram is popular, I get that and like I said at the beginning, I like it because it is very image focused but it is better to be trendy or successful?

Social media is changing all the time and who knows what is around the corner. I myself like to keep an eye on what is ‘coming next’ but it is often impossible to predict. When Facebook purchased Instagram for $1bn in 2012, its initial ambition was to purely to focus on user growth. However, with its advertising platform becoming more popular, it is estimated to receive in the region of $5bn revenue through advertising in 2018.

In life everyone has their own opinion and when it comes to social media, these are often voiced in tweets and posts every day. I for one, think that in a few years’ time, Instagram will overtake the likes of Twitter and put itself firmly in pole position to give Facebook a run for its money. Owning shares in Facebook would be nice, wouldn’t it?!?

That’s all from me and hope you enjoyed my latest blog.

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