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What keywords should an Estate Agent target for SEO to increase valuation enquiries?

Avatar by Laurence Knopf on 6th June 2017

If you’re looking at an SEO strategy that’s designed to raise your search engine visibility with people searching for property valuations, then a central component of your strategy should the list of keywords you target.

Keywords are the terms – not only words, but also whole phrases – that potential clients type into Google when they’re searching for Estate Agents who can value their home and, by extension, help them sell their property. An example could be “get a flat valued”.

The goal of building a list of keywords to enable your SEO team to optimise your website; optimisation could include building your target keywords into the landing pages on your website, or writing in-depth, helpful blog posts based around particular keywords. Why are these activities worth your investment? Because they ensure that your website appears when potential clients do those searches.

Building a list that targets the right keywords – terms that are relevant to your business, are being used and by people that are genuine prospects – is of paramount importance to creating a successful digital marketing campaign, with SEO as a key pillar.

Is There a Definitive Valuations Keyword List?

People’s search habits and the phrases they use vary wildly from person to person. It could be influenced by their location, their individual circumstances, even something as minute as their approach to grammar! This variation can exist even when there is a relatively short distance involved, say, from just outside a city’s boundaries to the suburbs to the city centre.

There is, therefore, no such thing as a standardised list of keywords for valuation enquiries. Every Estate Agent must approach their list of keywords differently. Your own approach, depending on your circumstances, will most probably need to be informed by:

  • The geographic areas you want to target
  • Your knowledge of how your potential valuation clients might behave
  • Your business – its goals, tone and services
  • Your wider digital and SEO strategy
  • The value, traffic and relevance of the keywords

That said, there are several keywords that we find often work with our clients.

What’s the Starting Point?

As I’ve said, you’ll need to build a proper list of terms that’s tailored to your individual objectives. But there are some terms that tend to be useful for most Estate Agents – and they’re a good start towards getting more valuation enquiries. It’s important to stress, however, that you should continue reading to see how you can adapt these keywords to your business.

The starting point keywords that Estate Agents can use to increase valuation enquiries include:

  • property valuations
  • house valuations
  • flat valuations
  • value my house
  • value my property
  • house price valuations
  • value my home

Understanding Your Starting Valuations Keywords

All the keywords above have three things in common:

  • People are using them
  • The user intent is a good match with the typical Estate Agent’s valuation service
  • They are likely to be used by qualified leads

We know that people are using these keyphrases – in other words, that people are typing them into Google. There are lots of tools you can use to find keywords and understand whether anyone is actually using them. The main free tool is Google’s Keyword Planner – you can find this in your AdWords account. It’s not perfect, but it will give you an estimate of how many people are typing your chosen keyword into Google every month.

You may be asking why we’ve chosen these terms when the Keyword Planner shows that other, more conversational phrases are much more popular – phrases like “how much is my house worth”. Well, this is where user intent matters.

Picture the person typing “how much is my house worth”. Now, picture the person typing “property valuations”. Which person, do you think, is more likely to be searching for a valuation service from an Estate Agent? They are both a possibility, but I think the second person is more likely to be looking for an Estate Agent to value their home now, while the first person is, perhaps, more likely to be Googling speculatively while thinking about selling at one point down the road. Or even doing some idle Googling for fun.

For that reason, the second person is what we call a qualified lead. The fact that they are more likely to be looking for a valuations service right now suggests they have probably already made the decision to sell their property. They are, therefore, further along the road towards choosing an Estate Agent to help them sell, whereas the first person is simply wondering how much their home might be worth – it’s not clear whether they are looking to begin the selling process by getting their home valued. They may not have made any plans around selling their property at all. For that reason, the first person is an unqualified lead.

For SEO, usually you will want to target leads that are as qualified as possible. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target unqualified leads if you have the resources. To get the best ROI, however, you should prioritise your efforts on keywords that will deliver better results.

Local Keywords

Another thing to point out is that none of the keywords above are local. In other words, they’re not tailored to any specific location. Local variations, however, should be part of any SEO strategy. There are two reasons for this.

First, you may do property valuations all across the UK, but remember individual prospects are likely to be looking for agencies based nearby. Second, Google will tailor a person’s search results according to the geographic region they’re searching from. If a person types “property valuations” into Google, then Google will do their utmost to show them relevant results that are geographically near to them. Ensuring that your site is optimised for that area, then, will give your website a push for those people.

How do you make the search terms above local? A potential customer in your area might use one of the following phrases when looking for estate agents who can value their home:

  • property valuation <your location>
  • value a property in <your location>

When you conduct your own keyword research, you might find alternatives that are more beneficial to target. To do this, think about how someone would conduct a local search – the phrases or descriptions they would use for the area you cover. These might be good keywords to target.

One problem you might encounter when doing this is your research may return very low search numbers, i.e. the tool you use doesn’t have a record of many people searching for that phrase. Don’t take that on its own as a reason not to target the keyword. After all, targeting five people per month from your area who use a localised search term is better than targeting 5,000 people who are not going to use your business because it’s too far away.

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