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Landing pages are here! – and FREE*

Avatar by Stephen Phillips on 30th May 2017

So, our big news this week is that we have released our landing page builder! (drum roll please).

Before I dive in, for those of you who’ve heard the term but are unsure of what they are and think it’s a tool for geeky marketers, let me explain how they work and can make a massive difference to your business.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a specific web page that your web visitor will arrive or “land” on.  It can be from a link you send out on email, social media, newsletters and more. However, it is easier to think of it simply as a standalone web page separate from your main website that has been designed for a single purpose.

Types of Landing Pages

There are 2 styles that exist.

  • Click through pages.
  • Lead generation pages.

A click through page

This has the goal of getting your visitor to click through to a page, for example, this may be a specific page that you create to showcase a latest property, development or service.

It can be used more effectively than going to your website as when they arrive, there will be no distractions and you can feature anything you wish rather than being restricted by what your automated software feed will display. Imagine offering this service to a potential client and using it as a “sales” tool in order to win an instruction. Well who wouldn’t want a dedicated page showcasing their home?!

A lead generation page

These can be a game changing as they are used to capture user data, such as a name, email and home address. The purpose is to collect information that will allow you to market to them and get back in touch with them at a later and hopefully, relevant time.

This style of page will often feature a description of what the user will get in exchange for their details and can be used in many ways…

  • Running a competition
  • Giving away an eBook
  • Offering a consultation, I.E invite to a Vendor advice evening
  • Offering a discount / referral voucher

The key here is to ask for the minimum amount of information that you would need, as too many questions may mean they don’t fill it in.

So why are we doing this?

We have received a lot of feedback from many agents would love to be able to create a new web page for a specific “offer” but going back to your web developer may mean waiting weeks and spending hundreds each time.

We already did the hard work when creating a newsletter service, so using the same super simple drag and drop software, you can now create unlimited landing pages, no designer needed, no web developer needed and best of all, no complication.

*We have made Landing pages available for our Growth News clients FREE OF CHARGE and is in your account right now. If you know how to use our software to build an email, you will know instinctively how to create a landing page (we’re on hand if you need help).

If you’re not yet a client, Growth News starts at £99 per month and as you are probably savvy enough to know, other landing page software can cost £99 a month on its own!  So now, for one low cost you get:

  • Revolutionary email newsletter software
  • A content engine with property articles
  • Free property related graphics
  • Marketing automation
  • Landing pages

…and access to our expert team including our head of digital, who is not only a member of the Direct marketing association, but is one of the small group of people in the UK, invited onto the email council of Great Britain.

We are proud of our award winning team and to be able to offer these amazing tools to help power your business. If you want to see them in action and what they could do for you, we would love to show you how and you can book a demo here.

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