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LinkedIn For Estate Agents? Yes, Yes, Yes!

Avatar by Simon Clark on 14th November 2017

When LinkedIn first launched in 2002, it was the perfect platform for recruitment agents. People would upload populate their profiles and use this as an online equivalent to their CV’s. If you are looking for a job – you go to LinkedIn.

This is not the case and soon many people realised that this could be better used to promote yourself and your business through company pages.

What Is Social Media?

Let’s go back to the basics for a moment. Social media is all about two entities communicating and engaging with each other. Whether it is someone liking a post or whether they are connecting with someone that they know both personally and professionally.

Many people will see that LinkedIn is the professionals first choice for social media when it comes to choosing a platform ahead of Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram. For an estate agent, using LinkedIn on a regular basis will help raise your profile and show your authority within your industry.

How Many Connections Should You Have?

It is not a competition and you should never compare yourself to one of your competitors on LinkedIn because it is not a race. It is always quality over quantity but naturally you should start to see your connections increase the more you use it.

When you sign up for a free LinkedIn account, you will be given the option to submit your email address so that they can search for potential connections. This will help you increase your numbers but before you do that, please make sure you complete your profile first. There is nothing worse than seeing someone’s profile and they haven’t even uploaded a photo.

One final note on this is that the average CEO of a business will have more than 900 connections on LinkedIn*

Keep Your Profile Updated

There is nothing worse than looking at someone’s LinkedIn account and seeing a half-completed profile or no updates whatsoever. Especially if you have a company page and the last post was dated 10 months ago. Your first thought is bound to be: “Are they still in business??”

You can comment, share and like posts on LinkedIn from your newsfeed and get to see what others are engaging in too. Your profile needs to tell people who you are, what do (or have done / achieved in the past) and how you can help them.

For an estate agent, you can use this as a perfect opportunity to explain a little more about what you do. When people ‘check out’ your profile, they are more likely to connect with you if you are active.

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Gaining Endorsements

One of the best tactics to use here is to go out and start endorsing your connections for the skills that they hold. If you have a connection who is a qualified accountant (by the way, according to LinkedIn, there are 5.5 million accountants on LinkedIn!!), endorse them for accountancy skills. They are more likely to return the favour by endorsing you. An endorsement is where someone is ‘vouching’ for you and the skill set that you possess. There are over 10 billion endorsements floating around so take this opportunity with both hands.

LinkedIn will encourage you to endorse others anyway each time you log in so this will give you a head start.

Your Company Page

Like a Facebook page, this is a perfect opportunity to post updates as to what your company is doing and by sharing relevant stories than your fans would be interested in. So, estate agents have a perfect podium to promote themselves and show authority in the industry as well. If there is a relevant news article about how Brexit has affected house prices and you have an opinion on this, share it to your connections and start building up your engagements.

The more comments, likes, shares etc you receive, the more people get to know who you are. Thus, increasing your brand awareness.

Join The Conversation In Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are becoming more and more popular and this is the perfect place to discuss, with other LinkedIn members, popular topics of conversation. Joining groups is a perfect way to be kept up to date with the latest trends and industry topics online.

There are over 1.5 million groups on LinkedIn but there is no rule of thumb as to how many you should join. In my honest opinion, it is important to only join the groups that you feel can provide you with value or you can provide value to other members.

That’s all from me on this week’s blog but I will leave with one last thought. Don’t sit and watch endless YouTube videos about how LinkedIn works or read countless blogs about how using LinkedIn can benefit you.

Just do it!

Sign up.

Start connecting.

Start posting updates and engage with other members.

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