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How To Best Promote Your Properties On Social Media

12th September 2017 — The first thing I would like to say could be controversial for estate agents but social media is NOT about the properties. Now, I appreciate that this is a contradicting statement with the subject of this blog but social media is about raising the brand awareness of your estate agency with a view of generating leads that turn into instructions. Read more...
Social Media

The Five Things You May Not Know You Can Do On Facebook

22nd August 2017 — You often hear people say that you learn something new every day. This is certainly the case when it comes to social media and for any marketing experts out there who say they don’t, then they are not being honest. Read more...
Email Marketing

How do I make my emails more effective?

15th August 2017 — I thought this week I would try and answer a question I get asked every day: It's a great question. An important question. Unfortunately, it's not a straightforward question and there are a wide variety of factors that go into determining whether an email is effective or not. Read more...
Social Media . Strategy

Should I Use Google Plus For My Business

8th August 2017 — Thanks for joining us again for our latest blog and this week we are looking at whether or not you should be using Google Plus for your business. Read more...
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Time Is Precious For All Estate Agency Owners

1st August 2017 — Time is something that you either have or you don’t and as an owner of an estate agency, the latter is more likely to be the case, especially during the busier periods of the year. Read more...
Search Engine Optimisation

Should an Estate Agents Website Target Sellers and Landlords Before Applicants?

25th July 2017 — When it comes to optimising your estate agent website for Google, you will have two main types of target user. One is looking to buy or rent a property; the other is a landlord or someone with property to sell. Read more...
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The four “must do” things to promote your Social Media across your website

18th July 2017 — So, after analysing hundreds of estate agent’s websites, most fail miserably in promoting that they are on social media. Read more...
Marketing . Social Media

How to get your Estate Agency’s first 500 followers on social media

11th July 2017 — So, this week, we looked back at our most asked questions (we speak to hundreds of Estate Agents every week) and right at the top is “once we get started on social media, how do we get people following us”? Read more...
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The 5 things you need to do to make sure your emails get opened

4th July 2017 — It seems like everyone is looking for the magic formula to get their emails opened, but actually when you focus on what’s important to the audience, you don’t need magic at all, just a bit of common sense and effort. Read more...

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