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Sky’s The Limit with Twitter – Well, 280 Characters Actually!

Avatar by Simon Clark on 12th December 2017

Over the years, many estate agents have avoided using Twitter in their digital marketing strategy. If I am totally honest with you, many estate agents don’t have an online strategy but that doesn’t deter them from creating a Twitter account because they feel they must.

In a more recent blog, I talked about which social media channels to use for an estate agent and in that we discussed how each one provides value to their business. Twitter is not forgotten and, yet some say it has been living in the shadows of Facebook.

It has to some degree but let me explain….

Twitter Is Here To Stay

Many people (including estate agents) openly admit to me that they do not know how Twitter works which is why they do not use it. In fact, Twitter is less complicated than Facebook in that there is less functionality to this. Most people will use Facebook on a personal level, so they feel ‘more at home’ with this platform. We all have our own comfort zones.

Personally, I like Twitter in that you can be more specific with your posts (tweets) and that you can get to the point instead of reading paragraphs of text that you often see on Facebook. The tweets are also in ‘real time’ so this will appear automatically at the top of your news feed / timeline.

In recent months, a lot has been said about Twitters existence and social media experts predicted that it would become the poor relation to its rivals in 2017 but it hasn’t. Whilst its popularity has fallen in recent years, I believe that it has simply not evolved as quickly as the other channels. Especially since the introduction of Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook.

Character Limit Increased

In a bid to try to resurrect itself and run in line with Facebook, Twitter recently raised the character limit from 140 characters to 280. (although it is not yet competing with the character limit of 5000 per post on Facebook). This was a perfect opportunity for Tweeters to be able to ‘say more’.

For an estate agent, this now means that if you would like to add a little more to the description of a new instruction then you can. However, our strategies for our clients are based on social media NOT being about property.

If you are promoting an event or adding a latest blog, these additional characters will help you elaborate on your tweet. Sometimes the more your say will increase the chances of capturing that all-important valuation lead!

To Summarise

Twitter is evolving and becoming more user friendly. Estate agents can use Twitter to their advantage but to do so, you need to be putting more in at the front end. What this means is that the more work you do on Twitter, the benefits you will receive. Brand awareness is key to any marketing strategy and by being effective with the tools you have at your disposal, the more likely you are to start seeing results.

You should never dip in and out of social media. It will be around for many years to come so, in my opinion, use it to your advantage!

If you need any help with understanding Twitter, let us know. We offer performance reviews and also free 14 day trials so this gives you a perfect opportunity to see us in action.

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