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Social Media – 5 Reasons To Get Started in January

Avatar by Simon Clark on 19th December 2017

Welcome back to my latest blog and this week, I am going to be talking about 5 excellent reasons why you should get started in January to get your social media strategy up and running.

Many people make New years resolutions and then get too busy to start and put things off. I am guilty of this as well, however, social media doesn’t wait for anyone and neither will your competitors.

So here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting up and running with your new social media strategy for your estate agency:

1. No Time Like The Present

This comes down to time and many people think that to get a social media strategy together it takes days or even weeks. The amount of time from your perspective is very minimal. The most important element to this is that we get started. Strategy is great, and we can cover this in one phone call with you however a good social media strategy is one that evolves over time and develops the more active your accounts become.

2. When Are People Most Likely To Be Online

When they are not working!

This means that they have more spare time to be socially active and this increases your chances of being found on their news feed. People may have been distracted by the festive period so now they will be more focused and are therefore, more likely to see your posts!

3. Your Competitors Aren’t Doing It

As an ex estate agent, this time of the year was always frustrating for me. Enquiry levels are slow, the phone doesn’t ring as often and the emails from the portals are not at their peak.

Not you!

You are active on social media talking about the property industry, sharing local news events and busy promoting your agency and giving people more reasons to choose you. Your competitors are the ones who are not yet using it, are slow off the mark in 2018 or are just posting images of properties, but this is your chance to show your potential vendors and landlords that marketing your business and your area knowledge, is just as important as marketing their properties.

4. Social Media Is Not Just For Christmas

In the last 24 hours, I have seen an estate agent on social media (local to me) post out some photos pf their Christmas party. It looked great and they seemed to be having fun however this was the last post on their Facebook page and almost exactly one month ago.

Maybe their clients are wondering if they would be marketing their properties just once a month?

5. We Offer A Free Trial!

Our social media trials are free and for two weeks.

They are geared to show you how your social media strategy can be best implemented and show you how we work. They are without obligation and you will get to see the benefits on a smaller scale which should hopefully encourage you and make you feel more at ease to choose Growth Track as your social media partner. We work with over 3000 estate agents across a variance of products and our team are ex estate agents too – so we know what it is like to be on the other side of the desk.

If you are interested in discussing this in more detail, get in touch with our social media team today.

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