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Social Media excuse 101 – I tried and it doesn’t work

Avatar by Simon Clark on 16th May 2017

Social media works, right? Well, not if you are one of thousands of agents who set up accounts, posted vigorously on week one, less so on week two and then gave up on week 3 thinking what was all the fuss about? it’s a waste of time and received no instructions.

Bad move!

I hate to say it, but many set up accounts with an attitude of hoping it will fail, therefore, proving many wrong and ticking it off their to do list, so more time for viewings…or not, as you need to have them in the first place!

There is way more to consider than just setting up your social media accounts and start posting, hoping it will bring in floods of enquiries. Sad as it may be to many, it is where a huge amount of your database look to read their news each day. Most of them may not care what’s going on in the bigger world, but will want to get the latest updates on what interests them and their network, meaning they will check it multiple times daily.

If you can get your company in front of them, then without doubt, you will enter their head-space, and marketing is about branding, perception AND repetition. The more times you are seen, the more that you will be remembered. The more remembered you are, the more likely that you will be considered as the experts and so on…

Unfortunately, every day we hear stories about estate agents that set up accounts and then did done nothing with them or tried for a few weeks and gave up. One client this week said to me that they only set them up because their new website had icons that their web developer wanted to use. This is crazy because those icons are there to be clicked on and what will people see? NOTHING!

So Perception Is Key

When you create your social media channels, you need to have a clear strategy in mind of what you are going to post and when. I often use a “so what?” theory as each post must have an objective. If you are sharing some industry news about house prices, what is your goal here? It should be that you are seen as an authoritative source of relevant and interesting content for your followers to enjoy and hopefully engage with. So, add some commentary on how the local house prices fair to the national average. This shows you know what you are talking about!

If you are posting about a particular service you provide (for example; rent guarantee) you need to sell the benefits of this to landlords so that they will be encouraged to instruct you to manage their investment.

Standard Post – “We offer a Rent Guarantee service here at Joe Bloggs Estates“ – So What?”

Theory Applied – “There may be void periods for Landlords and more often than not, landlords do not have the time to be chasing rent from tenants of worrying about those void times where there are no tenants. This is why we offer a comprehensive Rent Guarantee service to all landlords”

Ghost Town Accounts

Quite often, I will come across social media accounts for estate agents that will have posts but the last one was dated several months ago. How does that really look to a potential vendor or landlord? If you are not able to market your own business on social media, how will you be able to market their property?

It takes time to build an engaging audience and for people to interact with you. Don’t be like many who will try, fail, give up and forget all about it. You only have to look back at our previous blog posts to see how results have been obtained!

We know how difficult it can be to not only get started, but to maintain your account with numerous posts every day and finding relevant content to fill them. It’s why we do what we do – providing a “done for you” service to clients.

Handing over the reins to your social media accounts can be daunting for business owners because you are trusting us with your brand. This is why we offer a no obligation 14-day trial. In all honesty, you are not likely to see amazing results in this time but you will get to see how we work and once you feel comfortable we can discuss which package is best suited to you.

If you would like to discuss your social media marketing with me, or would simply like a free performance review, then book my diary here or alternatively sign up to take our free trial and I will personally give you a call to discuss.

One thing is for sure, you will have more time to focus on what you do best, whilst we help grow your business!

Until the next time….

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