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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for an Estate Agent

Avatar by Simon Clark on 11th April 2017

I wanted to do a quick post this week, as whilst more and more estate agents are recognising the benefits of social media and are setting up accounts, I am seeing so many mistakes!

As everyone is aware, the estate agency industry is regulated and it is vitally important to abide by these regulations and guidelines to ensure that you are carrying out your daily duties in the correct and professional manner.

Whilst there are no rule books and no Twitter or Facebook Police out there (to some degree unless you are going against the platforms guidelines) governing what you can or cannot do, there are however, some do’s and don’ts that we thought you may be interested in:

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DO Use Common Sense – It’s FREE!

This may be obvious but before you post anything just think how this would be perceived to the general public and not necessarily one particular demographic or generation.  It is very easy to make an observation that you may feel is harmless but a potential vendor or landlord may take offence or disagree which therefore could cost you an instruction. It is advisable to keep the content you share as ‘safe’.

DON’T Get Involved – Take it Off Line

One element to social media is that everyone is entitled to their opinion and more often than not people will turn to social media to voice theirs and possibly vent their frustration or anger. The worst response is to be agitated and aggressive with the comments and retaliate. Acknowledge their grievance, obtain contact details and take it off line for further discussions and hopefully a smooth resolution.

DO Think before RT

When you Retweet a post on Twitter, the primarily goal here is that you are sharing this interesting content to all of your followers. Look at this from a different perspective; your company is also endorsing the tweet too! This could have ramifications to your business if there are certain news articles that may be very topical and harmful to your reputation.

DO Use an Image on Each Post

Did you know that by simply adding an image to each message could double the engagement potential? People like pictures and if you are telling someone about a property that is for sale with a 100 ft rear garden, use a photo to emphasise this. Give your followers as much information as possible. Twitter and Facebook allow you to add more than one image so take the time to show off each aspect of the property to help receive those extra clicks to your website.

DONT Buy your Success, earn it!

There are many companies advertising that you can buy 2,000 Twitter followers for just £10 and that you could purchase 5,000 Facebook fans for just £25. Stop! Someone will look at your account and think “They must be good because they have 5,000 people liking their page” However, when 4,980 of those are not real and not interacting with you on a daily basis then what really is the point?. Social media is about engagements, interactions and people connecting with you. Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank which determines whether or not your posts are good enough to be placed at the top of the news feeds. By having fake fans this will not help you and could potentially penalise you.

We hope these ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ have helped you. There are hundreds more that we could have included but this is to get you started thinking in the right manner as it is important to work within the correct social media guidelines.

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