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Would you spend £49.99 to get 5 new valuations? Of course you would!

Avatar by Stephen Phillips on 28th February 2017

So nice to see you here again.

Well, this must be one of the easiest questions asked.

£49.99 for 5 valuations, a no brainier surely? But how?

Well, before the how, in fact, when you think about it, do you even know where every single one of your valuation enquiries come from?

The majority of agents will have a fairly good idea and may have even trained their staff to ask the question every time, but are you making a note of this and then working out how much it is costing per lead v the media used?

This is actually a little bit of a trick statement as it is not usually one thing that makes someone call you in, but rather a combination of your marketing efforts from seeing sold boards, maybe having dealt with you in the past, or seeing you on one of the portals and so-on but usually, the cost is incredibly expensive.

The cheapest cost without doubt is a referral as it’s free. I will deal with referral strategies in another blog but much of the above requires you to be in front of a potential client at the right time.

So, you ask yourself, how can I control this, I am on Rightmove, but so are my competitors, that may not help…we have a website, but what if they aren’t searching for you or your company isn’t top of their minds? How about a newspaper (do you still use them)? That’s a lot of expense as the likelihood is that you would go from doormat to dustbin without being opened. If someone does open it, then they will then likely flick through and put it in the bin swiftly anyway. I can hear you cry papers are for brand awareness. Now some papers may still have a positive effect but my money is on the fish and chips to be better (or batter) remembered!

So what’s the answer, how do I get in front of people in the right place at the right time?

Drum roll please: Facebook and their advertising program. Look at the image below and I will expand upon it in a moment…

Well it should be obvious, this is how most of today’s society consumes their news. Many people don’t check Facebook once, but multiple times a day. In the toilet, when going out to the cinema (turn that light off) and even when having dinner with spouses.

So what’s the big deal? You may be in the category of we don’t even do it/believe in it/use it/or tried it and got no results?

Well as a firm that manages hundreds of Facebook account for agents across the UK, I can tell you that whilst it may not be the silver bullet, it offers some amazing opportunities.

First off, there is the ability to share your news with your audience and demonstrate your expertise to them every day. It also gives you the opportunity to give your company “tone” albeit whether you want to look like hipster agents or super professional, you can – and according to stats, 75% of people check companies on social media before engaging with them. We’ll go into more detail about how to run an account in another post.

But with advertising, you have the possibility to LASER TARGET your local audience and for low cost. I won’t complicate this with technobabble, but you have a few choices:

So imagine you wanted, like our client, to run a simple advert saying “Do you want to know what your homes worth? Book a valuation.” You can do one or all of the following:

  • You can target people by an area
  • You can target people by age groups
  • You can target people on your email database who are Facebook users
  • You can target people who have visited your website

Our stats show the success of one simple campaign. 11,000+ local people reached, 150 clicks to our client’s website, 5 valuations booked and all for £49.99!

It of course doesn’t always work the same way and Facebook’s algorithm changes frequently. Do it wrong and you could burn through thousands, do it right and you could be way ahead of your competitors and all because they think that Facebook is just for kids and Mums sharing photos!

In the future, we’ll dig more into how this works but you can get started by doing some research on the web or going one better and asking our expert team.

Alternatively, if you simply want to get more out of your social media or want a free trial of our service, fill in the form here or hit the contact us button and we’d love to chat.

So long for now and have a great day!

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