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Time Is Precious For All Estate Agency Owners

Avatar by Simon Clark on 1st August 2017

Time is something that you either have or you don’t and as an owner of an estate agency, the latter is more likely to be the case, especially during the busier periods of the year. In the day to day running of your business, new instructions are the key to keeping the business thriving or even surviving when times are tough but how do you get those new instructions? Digital marketing is the new marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

This is a term used for the marketing of products or services using a variety of digital technologies. This could range from the use of mobile phones to more sophisticated pieces of software to help promote your brand. That’s the explainer part done. Now we need to focus on what you are doing and what we do with hundreds of clients each day.

In our experience, we find many clients we talk to still like to use some of the old, tried and tested techniques to advertise their business. We applaud our clients for doing this because at least they are doing something to help drive more instructions. However, (and there is always a however isn’t there?!?) as technology advances and your targeted audience become more tech savvy and online, your estate agency should move with the times.

Time Is of The Essence

When you are busy dealing with the latest valuation enquiry or maybe you are in discussions with a new developer over the release of their plots you can easily forget about how you are going to generate your next enquiry. In some cases, you can be inundated with leads and enquiries and this will occupy your primary focus but by using digital marketing to help your agency you can start to plan for the weeks ahead. This is about future proofing your business.

Outsourcing some of your marketing activities often gives you the time and focus to concentrate on what you do best; being an estate agent.

I remember when I worked in the industry that it used to frustrate me when someone said that they were going to sell their house themselves instead of using an estate agent. This was frustrating because, in my opinion, it devalued the expertise that myself and my team could offer them but I always respect anyone’s decision (even if I may not always agree!). In this case, digital marketing is not something that everyone can do, let alone have the time to do. But let’s find out who you are first….

What Are You? Proactive or Reactive?

Being reactive means that you are purely dealing with leads and enquiries one after an another and not really focusing on your next potential enquiry because you do not have the time. If you recognise this is you, we can help.

Being proactive means that you are one step ahead, you have time and you are prioritising the marketing of your business. This means that you are already preparing the next email newsletter that you are sending out and you have a plan in place with your social media strategy and you have blogs ready to go live on your website.

It Pays To Outsource

This is a ‘bold statement alert’ moment because we are about to talk about your worth to your business and the staff you have employed. Let me give you an example of this to make this statement a little clearer. Everyone has their value within your estate agency office.

Your valuer is best placed out there ‘in the field’ carrying our valuations and generating listings so is their time best spent in the office putting together sales packs and emailing your database with new instructions? Probably not.

Your negotiators are likely to be the best at face to face customer service when clients walk through the shop door so that is why they are positioned to deal with the front line of enquiries. Or maybe they are better and the ideal person to answer the phone each time it rings.

Having specialist people in their places is what makes any business work. How many hours does your team spend on activities that is NOT their speciality. Our speciality is digital marketing and we have been rewarded with our service to the industry by winning at The Estas.

How Can Growth Track Help Your Estate Agency?

We offer a range of digital marketing services to estate agents than will help you grow your business. This means that we can take away that marketing headache from day one by looking at strategies to effectively manage your social media channels, to creating beautiful email signatures that drive traffic to your website or even help you create newsletters to be sent out to your database on a regular basis.

We offer free trials and demonstrations to help you get a better understanding of what we do and how it can immediately benefit your business.

We do not like to over complicate the process because this is not about proving to our clients that we know the jargon or showing you the complexities. This is about working with you but helping you to create more business for YOUR business.

That’s all for now, but tune in next week for our next blog…

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