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Why your emails suck – and don’t help win instructions

Avatar by Stephen Phillips on 2nd May 2017

So one of the most important stats that you should monitor and we constantly refer to, is amount of traffic to your website.

Why? Well to recap: If you have 1000 visitors in January and 10,000 in February, of course your chances of winning more instructions and attracting more business goes up massively in the case of the latter. Not everyone understands the value but if I were to say the same but replace traffic with people visiting your office, this becomes more obvious.

So what does this have to do with sending emails?

Well think about this. The average negotiator sends 60+ emails a day. That’s 20,000+ a year (including from mobiles and tablets etc.) and if you multiply this across your staff, even a small agency of 6 staff are sending over 100,000 emails a year, but most just add a logo at the bottom which in my opinion, doesn’t really do anything to help? Here’s an example below of what I mean.

In fact, not only do most people not look beyond the “kind regards” – so will never see it, but once sent, quite often the logo will get removed and turned into a red cross and if you send an email from a mobile, it will usually just say, “sent from my mobile”.

So you spend thousands on your website, property portals, brochures and more, yet the one thing you do more than anything else every day – send email, you let go out looking poor and doing nothing to help you win business! I mean, would you send 100,000+ canvass letters that looked poor and expect no business from them and accept it? Of course you wouldn’t!

So plug coming up, but as former agents and marketers, we understand the importance of having a professional and consistent brand AND driving traffic to websites which is why we created our Growth Mail service.

Below is a great example of a Growth Mail email (and tons more here), and ask yourself, if you were looking to move and dealing with an agent, given that your main interaction will be by email, which agent would you give a better impression?

Making your brand look awesome definitely goes some way to being the difference between someone using you or not. If it were just about fee’s, John Lewis wouldn’t have a business, but their brand echoes trust, expertise, confidence and more. You know what you’re going to get by walking into their store…

Additionally, when sending email, Growth Mail works across nearly all devices so when you or your negotiators are out sending emails from their mobiles, the recipient is receiving a professionally branded image and of course all of the marketing messages on them and in fact all of these are links that will drive traffic back to your website.

Our more savvier clients also take advantage of the capabilities of our software whereby the marketing messages at the top can be different across branches departments and people, meaning that your letting departments email can have a different banner at the top from sales so you can make messages relevant.

So in a nutshell, more professionalism, more traffic and more clients and for less than most people spend on tea and coffee every day.

If you’re not one of our 3000+ clients and want to learn more? Book a demo here and learn in under 5 minutes how you could be winning more business.

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