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We won at The Estas – But are Estate Agency competitions worth it?

Avatar by Stephen Phillips on 23rd May 2017

So, what a week at Growth Track!

As well as having a big announcement in next week’s post to share with you (do not forget to bookmark our blog and check back next Tuesday), we went and won “Best in Digital Marketing” at The Estas!

I’m going to get the gushy part over with quickly and would like to thank any clients that voted for us.

I would also and publicly, especially like to thank the wonderful and hardworking team at Growth Track. If you have dealt with us, you will know that we do what we do with a passion and love to help our clients succeed. It feels like well-earned recognition for our efforts….and the thousands of hours (I am very serious) that we have spent in being able to bring these services to market and at a sensible cost.

Now, for your information, this was the very first competition that we have ever entered as I was sceptical as to if they meant anything to anyone outside the winner’s office. The reason being, there are many competitions to enter and well frankly, who cares?

Well, my mind has been changed in several ways and if you were previously like me, I suggest that you read on…

Firstly, we could get live feedback for who voted for us, how clients rated us and what they thought. It transpired that out of a max satisfaction score of 100%, we were scored at 95%.

This helped in knowing that almost every client was very happy at what we did, how we acted for them and the benefits of our service. It also meant that for the (very) few that weren’t 100% happy, we could reach out, find out what wasn’t good enough and rectify it.

Additionally, we were also given permission to use all the testimonials received and some were just amazing. When you pour your heart and soul into a business, getting such lovely feedback makes it all worthwhile.


So, after winning an award, how do you turn it into business? Well, there a few quick and easy ways that I’m going to cover.

Firstly, we are in the process of changing our website and social pages to reflect it. Without doubt, dealing with an award-winning firm echoes trust and gives people the confidence that you must be doing something well. We’ll report back on the longer-term effects later in the year but already it has been noticeable with people staying on our site longer and more direct enquiries.

Secondly, advertising.

We have been running a Facebook ad over the past week highlighting our win. For a measly cost of £100, it has reached over 4000 Estate Agents and have had 397 clicks to our website (over and above our other ad running). This is huge and has helped win new business.

Thirdly, with my Agents hat on, I would be running a canvassing campaign (offline) and an email marketing campaign (online) to further highlight the award. If someone happens to see it who is thinking of moving or unhappy with their agent, well, you have just increased your chances of being called in a hundred-fold.

There are of course many other ways but doing the above would be a great way to start and of course if you need any help, you know who to call (I can feel the chorus of Ghostbusters coming on).

Have a great week and remember to check back for our big announcement!

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